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Welcome to Káfet Aavasaksan Rinteet

Welcome to winter wonderland, welcome to have a good time!

 Aavasaksan Rinteet

Welcome to Aavasaksan Rinteet, your ideal destination for an affordable and family-friendly ski resort experience! Nestled amidst the pristine snow-covered landscapes, Aavasaksan Rinteet is the perfect place for families and kids to enjoy the thrill of skiing and snowboarding without breaking the bank.

At the heart of this winter wonderland, you'll find Káfet Aavasaksan Rinteet, a cozy fast food restaurant and café designed to satisfy your hunger and warm your spirits.

At Káfet Aavasaksan Rinteet, we also offer the convenience of purchasing lift tickets right on site or in advance through our website. Buying your tickets online is the best way to skip the queues and ensure a smooth and speedy experience for everyone in your group.

So whether you're a seasoned skier or introducing your little ones to the joys of the slopes for the first time, Aavasaksan Rinteet and "Káfet Aavasaksan Rinteet" have everything you need for an affordable, fun-filled day on the slopes. Join us for a memorable winter adventure that's as easy on your wallet as it is on your senses!

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Cafe and Fastfood restaurant

Káfet Aavasaksan Rinteet offers non alcoholic drinks and a quick snacks, sweet or salty. Hamburgers, French fries, sausage fries, meat pies, pizza slices and hotdogs are available daily. In addition, there is coffee, tea and specialty coffees, as well as cocoa topped with whipped cream. We bake fresh sweet buns and donuts daily!

Our menu is tailored to delight the taste buds of both young and old with a mouthwatering selection of burgers, pizza slices, hotdogs, meat pies, and a daily soup that's perfect for keeping you fueled during your snowy adventures. And for those looking to warm up or indulge their sweet tooth, we offer a delightful range of coffee, hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, and delicious sweet buns.


Ski passes

SKI PASSES Price List 2023-24

Day pass 20€

Evening pass 10€

Season pass 150€ 

- for Ylitornio permanent residents 130€

Season pass for a family 350€ (max 5 persons)

+ Additional persons 40€


Day pass valid  11-18 (* 

Evening pass valid 16-20


We offer the convenience of purchasing ski passes right on site or online through our website. Buying your ski pass online is the best way to skip the queues and ensure a smooth and speedy experience for everyone in your group.

*) Week 8, 9 Tue-Fri, Day pass valid 12-20

Aavasaksan Rinteet

are located 10 km north from Ylitornio at Aavasaksa. There are 1 lift and three slopes. Longest slope is about 900m with vertical drop  of 115 m.

At the lower part there is  60 m moving carpet, for the youngest skiers.

Services available

We are here for you! Welcome!

Temperature limit -20, below that lifts are closed.

The season ended on Sunday 21 April 2024.

Thanks to all visitors!

Ski Rental

Rental fees (Day, Evening)

Ski set

– Skis, boots, helmet, poles 20 €, 12 €
Ski set – twintips
– Skis, boots, helmet, poles 25 €, 15 €

Skis 12 €, 8 €
Skis – twintips 15 €, 10 €
Boots 8 €, 8 €
Poles 3 €,3 €

Snowboard set
– Board, boots, helmet  20 €, 12 €

Board 12 €, 8 €
Boots 8 €, 8 €

Other equipment:
Helmet 5 €
Ski goggles 3 €
Poles 3 €
Kids harnes 2 €

Ski School

Private lessons available: 

ivate hour 60 min. 25 €, 120 min. 45 €
+ extra person 60 min. 20 €, 120 min. 35 €

Enqueries and reservations:
Jussi Herttuala 0400 -383601,

Contact Information


Vaaranlaita 143,

95620 Ylitornio,





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